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Vendesi Blogbabel, usato come nuovo. Astenersi perditempo

Base d’asta: 4999,00 euro. Luogo della vendita: eBay. Oggetto della vendita: Blogbabel.


What I am selling

Blogbabel is a blog indexing/aggregation service which was launched in the summer of 2006. It’s currently indexing almost 15.000 Italian blogs, has more than 220.000 visits and 350.000 pageviews a month (Google Analytics). I am selling it to concentrate on other projects, in the hope that the buyers will have the resources and enthusiasm to make it grow further.

BlogBabel is currently indexing Italian blogs and has an Italian interface, but the software can be easily translated into different languages as we did with the Spanish version we had in 2006-2007, and later abandoned for the difficulties in managing a foreign service from here. I can also assist you in localizing the service to a specific language or implementing additional features if you win the auction, with a separate agreement based on standard consulting fees.

Dal Blog di Enrica:

Se siete interessati, fatevi sotto con delle proposte vere, che tengano conto dell’enorme potenziale commerciale di BlogBabel, del fatto che è da anni un punto di riferimento per giornali e aziende, della genialità del progetto e del grandissimo lavoro per realizzarlo.

Astenersi perditempo

Più “new economy” di così, si muore.