Interview with David Sifry

According to the blogosphere he is Mr Technorati, founder of the first and most famous blog search engine in the world. According to Wikipedia “Dave Sifry is an American software entrepreneur and blogosphere icon”, one of those people who spent the last twenty years on shaping the Internet as it is today. In a long, two-part video-interview (in english) he gave me in Udine during the StateoftheNet conference, Sifry points out his view and ideas about the following topics.

Part one: the state and the future of the so-called web2.0; the “real” innovation; how to manage children’s approach to Internet.

Part two: the bloggers “addiction” to technorati100; what do companies need to know about corporate and business blogging and never dared to ask.

This interview was made possible by:
– The kind hospitality of the StateoftheNet organization staff: Beniamino Pagliaro, Sergio Maistrello, Paolo Valdemarin and Silvia Zardini.
– The technical support of Nicola Mattina

Find out more about Dave Sifry at:
– his own website


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