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I web trend del 2010

Pete Cashmore è noto ai più per essere fondatore e CEO del popolarissimo blog Mashable. Nell’ultimo degli approfondimenti su social network e tecnologie che settimanalmente pubblica per, Cashmore riassume i dieci trend del web che secondo lui andrebbero tenuti d’occhio nel 2010.

Tra i vari argomenti trattati, che spaziano dall’augmented reality al social gaming passando per il cloud computing, il trend forse più interessante resta quello relativo al cosiddetto Real-time web, che non a caso è anche il tema dell’evento Leweb ’09 in programma per la prossima settimana a Parigi.

Ecco cosa scrive in proposito il CEO di Mashable:

Sparked by Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed, the real-time trend has been to the latter part of 2009 what “Web 2.0” was to 2007. The term represents the growing demand for immediacy in our interactions. Immediacy is compelling, engaging, highly addictive … it’s a sense of living in the now.

But real-time is more than just a horde of new Twitter-like services hitting the Web in 2010 (although that’s inevitable — cargo cults abound). It’s a combination of factors, from the always-connected nature of modern smartphones to the instant gratification provided by a Google search.

Why wait until you get home to post a restaurant review, asks consumer trends tracker Trendwatching, when scores of iPhone apps let you post feedback as soon as you finish dessert? Why wonder about the name of that song, when humming into your phone handset will garner an instant answer from Midomi?