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The future is self-organised

L’inizio del 2010 ha portato in dote un numero consistente di previsioni per il futuro che ci attende da qui a dieci anni. Delle molte lette, quella che forse più colpisce è frutto dell’ingegno di David Cushman:

We’re in for a big change: Where the noughties were a decade of discovery, the teens will be a decade of realisation. And not discovery of new tech. The future isn’t digital; it is self-organised.

The noughties were when we discovered our self-organising power – little by little. And new models started to emerge. But we are embarking on 10 years in which people all over the globe will realise the self-organising power now at their fingertips – and start turning that realisation into the world they want; niche by niche.

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