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Second Pulitzer Prize for Propublica

Paul Steiger, chief editor of, writes on his site:

“ProPublica reporters Jesse Eisinger and Jake Bernstein have been awarded a Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for their stories on how some Wall Street bankers, seeking to enrich themselves at the expense of their clients and sometimes even their own firms, at first delayed but then worsened the financial crisis. We at ProPublica are delighted by this award, and deeply honored.

This is ProPublica’s second Pulitzer Prize in as many years. Last year, ProPublica reporter Sheri Fink won a Pulitzer for Investigative Reporting for her article “The Deadly Choices at Memorial,” on euthanasia at a New Orleans hospital in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, published in partnership with The New York Times Magazine. This was the first Pulitzer Prize ever awarded to an online news organization. This year’s Prize is the first for a group of stories not published in print.”

Indeed a good job.

In 2010 Paul Steiger was in Italy to attend the International Journalism Festival of Perugia, and that’s where I had the chance to meet and interview him for a few minutes. During our short conversation I asked Mr Steiger about Propublica and its business model as well as about his view on journalism and its future.

Watch his answers – still very up-to-date – in the following video.