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Interview: Paul Steiger on ProPublica

Paul steiger - foto di Luca sartoniPaul Steiger is editor-in-chief, president and chief executive of ProPublica, first online news site to win a Pulitzer Price. Today he gave a speech during the International Journalism Festival of Perugia and then I had the chance to interview him for the Festival official webtv.

My questions were:

1) Your definition of ProPublica in very few words.
2) What is ProPublica business model?
3) Newspaper are struggling to survive. Are paywalls the right solution?
4) When online, people are using more and more tools to filter news. Someone says there’s the risk of an echo chamber phenomenom, where the reader can live their entire life without encountering a different opinion. Do you think it’s true?
5) We are used to think that the Internet revolution is based on a “one to one” conversation, but experiences like yours are proving that the “one to many model” is still powerful. What do you think will be the evolution of this paradigm?
6) Is there a chance you will localize Propublica in other countries? In Italy for example?
7) Are you going to save Journalism?