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Jeremy Rifkin Brings the Third Industrial Revolution to Rome (Teatro Valle Occupato)

When Jeremy Rifkin comes to town, it’s worth going to see him and ask a pair of questions. The first time I met him, last year, he was in Rome to talk about what he called  “The Empathic Civilization”.

This time he took a speech about the main topics of his new book, “The Third Industrial Revolution“, which he presented in Rome during a lesson-like event in the wonderful Teatro Valle Occupato.

His talk lasted for about an hour, during which he stated that we’re on the verge of extinction and explained why. Then, he went on explaining what has to be done to “save our planet from ruin” and, in the end, addressed the audience as follows:

“You have to turn this world around. You have to get it right.”

The following video (in English) is a short footage of the event featuring some of the people who where there, the very last part of Rifkin’s speech and a two-questions interview we (Diletta and me) shot with him before he left.