The Kindle Fire, its cloud-enabled Silk browser and what they mean to your privacy

Yesterday I had a long chat with Marshall Sponder, independent Web Analytics, SEO/SEM specialist working in the field of market research, social media, networking and PR and blogger at Part of the talking was held in front of a public of professionals attending this event, during which we talked about the main topics in his latest book entitled “Social Media Analytics“.

The rest of the chat took place during the break, when we where outside standing in a sunny and warm roman afternoon. That’s when he told me something I was almost missing about the new Kindle Fire: thanks to its Silk browser and its deep integration with the Cloud, Amazon will know everything about where the users are going online with its new tablet. Which sites they visit, how many times they visit them, for how long, what are they looking for and so on: every single information will be traceable and could be aggregated, analyzed and then used to be eventually changed into money (yes, they’re really good at it).

If the Kindle Fire is going to sell well (and many seem to think it definitely will), soon Amazon will have in place another unbelievably efficient tool to retrieve a huge amount of data on users behaviors, habits and interests. And it will be the only one to gather such a treasure. I don’t know what you think, but I’m quite sure they’re gonna make good business out of that.

Of course, (or shall I say hopefully?), those data bill be aggregated anonymously and users privacy won’t be in danger. But at the same time there no doubt this cloud-enabled browsing is just another eye on our everyday life – quite like the new Facebook Timeline – and that in these days of “Publicy” the idea itself of privacy seems to be slowly fading away.

And if it will, there’s no turning back.


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