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Let the “empowered” employees save your business

When Josh Bernoff wrote “Groundswell” together with Charlene Li, he brought to light a “spontaneous movement of people using online tools to connect, take charge of their experience, and get what they need – information, support, ideas, products, and bargaining power – from each other”.

Those people are the new “Empowered” users the company have now to deal with. But how? Where the traditional means of corporate pr are due to fail, there the answer is letting the employees embracing the social technologies and use them to reach out and solve customers’ problems.

The time has come, once and for all, to “transform your company through the employees called HEROes (highly empowered and resourceful operatives)”. A new, giant leap ahead well described by Bernoff and his co-author Ted Schadler in a new book entitled “Empowered“, where they give account of 25 case studies an dozens of examples.

I met Josh and Ted during the O’Reilly Web2.0 expo in New York and asked them a couple of questions. You can listen to their answers in the following two podcasts.


How to cure the chaos (troubling your social media initiatives)

Marc Engelsman - Michelle BrusyoLet’s start with a quote from the Web2.0 Expo web site:

“Your marketing department has set up a Facebook page. Your human resources department is thinking about using social media as a recruiting tool. Your sales department isn’t quite sure how social media can deliver qualified sales leads. Your employees are tweeting away about what they’re doing all day at work. Your IT deparment is worried about the threat of viruses and malware. Your customer service department is overwhelmed by the amount of content out there that needs monitoring.

Sounds like chaos.”

And it definitely is. That’s why I asked Mark Engelsman and Michelle Brusyo (both working for Digital Brand Expressions) if and how companies can take control of the revolution in corporate communication they are facing today and, eventually, benefit from it.

“The way to cure the Caos, instead of having people working into silos, is to bring them together and build a plan that involves everybody, has everybody talking the same language, understanding that there are the same goals to be met, and then implementing against those goals strategies and tactics that are developed as part of a plan”.

To da the magic, the people at Digital Brand Expressions people created a five step “social media parachute process”. All the details in the podcast interview below.



– Marc Engelsman

Digital Brand Expressions
Marc Engelsman’s multi-disciplinary marketing background – 25 years in marketing/advertising across a wide range of B-to-B, consumer and healthcare/pharmaceutical accounts – has translated well into “findability” success as he integrates offline and online strategies for DBE’s clients. He is active in the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO) and serves on the national board of the Marketing Executive Networking Group (MENG).

He has spoken at some of the search industry’s largest conferences in addition to presentations to numerous other marketing groups.

– Michelle Brusyo

Digital Brand Expressions
After several years in traditional marketing and PR, Michelle Brusyo dove into the world of search and social media marketing, joining the award-winning team at Digital Brand Expressions in 2006. As Group Manager of Marketing & Communications, Michelle often speaks and writes about social media and is particularly passionate about her agency’s idea that social media works best when implemented enterprise wide, from the top down. She enjoys the process of guiding large companies through the various stages of DBE’s 5-phase social media adoption process, from brand protection through to creative ongoing communications strategies.


Elspeth Rountree explains what a meme is

Elspeth_rountree_alessio_jaconaIt’s the end of september and the Web2.0 Expo 2010 is taking place in a rainy New York city. I had the chance to chat with Elspeth Rountree, who is senior producer, host, and co-creator of both Rocketboom Tech and Know Your Meme series.

In a four minute interview she brilliantly explains what memes are and how they “have gone from inside joke to marketing gimmick to worldwide cultural phenomena”.



Foto: Luca Sartoni (original version here)