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#euco: Tweetwall Pro and Berlusconi don’t get along too Well

UPDATE: Pascal from Twitter Wall Pro points out with a comment on this blog that the software offers both automatic or live moderation. Let me add that I sure think there is no problem with the software, but with the people using it in the wrong way.

Lesson learned: Never put together Silvio Berlusconi and Tweet Wall Pro in the same room during a public event.

Twitter is undeniably a great way to catch the vibe on what’s going on pretty much anywhere in the world, and trending topics and search / hashtags facilitate this tremendously. Kudos to the EU for experimenting with live Twitter stream projections at official summits in that regard … but they still need to learn that moderation is important, too.

Using Tweetwall Pro, a way for event organizers to feed live tweets onto screens, an experiment in the atrium of the EU summit building in Brussels held yesterday didn’t quite proceed as planned. The live tweet stream, which was displayed on multiple plasma TVs throughout the building, was abruptly shut down after Italian Twitter users hijacked the #euco stream with anti-Berlusconi messages, calling the politician a mafioso and a pedophile.

Read more from Robin Wauters on TechCrunch

Another Kickstarter Success: Almost 1$ Million Raised for the iPod Nano Wristwatch

LunaTik_SideCloseupSome time ago Scott Wilson, founder of the Chicago-based product and design studio MINIMAL, had an idea: to create two watch enclosures for Apple’s latest iPod nano and transform the Apple mp3 player into geekiest wristwatch ever. All he did was to put his project on Kickstarter with the goal of raising $15,000. And when he did so, he probably wasn’t expecting his project to become the most successfully funded in the crowdfunding site history.

Six hours ago the funding closed with really astonishing numbers: in total, 13,510 people have contributed with $941,558.

It’s a huge record, and we’ll probably keep writing about it for a while. But what amazes me the most are not the huge number of people participating or the total amount of money wilson’s project gathered. What’s new and enlightening is that we’re not talking about software, code, internet tools and other digital stuff like this.

We’re talking about hardware.

Wilson will use (and is already using) the money gathered online to build something you will buy, touch, use and appreciate in the real world. He is just back from a trip to China where he met his suppliers, tested the first prototypes, made new arrangements, posted a video to give his supporters a glimpse into the process of  manufacturing the product and show “how much craft, hand work and care goes into the metal and even the silicone strap”.

The products (the TikTok ($35) and the LunaTik ($70) model) look beautiful and more than 13,000 people have already told Wilson they do like it (isn’t it a hell of a focus group?).

All this feels so real and makes me think about the possibilities: we are used to say that the Internet is changing the way we get and share informations or ideas or the way we interact with each other. But what Wilson and his project are proving right now is IMHO that – if properly used – the web can help us transforming a beatiful piece of design, a simple and smart idea into a real mass-market product.

Via MG Siegler

WordPress and Democracy: interview with Matt Mullenweg

A few days ago in Paris I had a nice chat with Matt Mullenweg – founding developer of WordPress – about the popular open-source blogging software and its future developments, as well as the way in which WP helps democracy along with anything else that enabes open communications, transparency and publishing.

There was also time to point out that Rambo is blogging on WordPress and that the partneship with Microsoft won’t eventually lead to any acquisition.

And when at end I asked him “if you had to start developing today, on what would you like to work?”, Matt answered “On e-mail, which I think is still really painful”, adding that what Facebook is doing goes in the right direction.

So let’s just hope that he really will, one day or another.


Interview with MG Siegler (Techcrunch) on journalism, professional blogging and Wikileaks disruptive effects

While in Paris for LeWeb, I had the chance to interview MG Siegler, who is a writer for the technology blog Techcrunch where he covers the web, mobile, social, big companies, small companies and much more.

The audio interview is divided into two parts: in the first one, he talks about his job as a hitech blogger at Techcrunch and how challenging is to create meaningful contents in the real-time web era.

In the second part I ask him what he thinks about Wikileaks and the way big players like Amazon or PayPal got rid of Julian Assange’s web site, rising a simple but vital question:

Who does really own (and so control) the Internet?


Gary Vaynerchuk about social media engagement: “Italy’s a big question mark”

gary_vaynerchuckGary Vaynerchuck is pure Energy. When you hear him speaking and rocking on the stage of LeWeb, you really start believing that everything is possible, that a real and deep change in the relationship among people and companies through social media is taking place right now.

That there is light, so to say, at the end of the “corporate communication tunnel”.

I had the chance to ask him some questions while he was giving his talk:

and then again at end of it during a short audio interview.


He told me that:

– not every company should engage with social media;
– There is light at the end of the tunnel but it’s going to take time to reach it;
– Virtual currency is going to be the next big trend;
– The most important site in the Internet right now is, because when you use it you can see the communications, so its ok for you to reach out and engage with the people out there;
– The ROI of your mother can’t be measurable (couldn’t help to ask it him again ;-))

and last but not least that:

Italy is a shocking country. More surprising even than China. A big question mark under lack of acceptance of this technology and this movement. Italy is a tough one, where something in culture is really pushing back an where the only way to break through is not being apologetic and push, push push.

Interview with Mike Kerns, VP Yahoo! (#leweb)

Mike_KernsMike Kerns is Vice President, Social, Games & Personalization at Yahoo!. He is “responsible for developing experiences that drive richer personalization, support meaningful social engagement, and create new social advertising solutions, across the entire Yahoo! network of sites”. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Citizen Sports, maker of social and sports-related applications found on the Facebook, Android and iPhone platforms, acquired fromYahoo! in 2010.

During our short chat, we discussed about the opportunities for Yahoo! in social media environment and  I learned that:

– Yahoo! uses the informations about the users it gathers from third party sites like Facebook and Twitter to better personalize their experience on its network;

– the big trend of social media in 2011 will be location. As he told me, “in social media what is important is your identity (who you are), your reletionships (who are your friends), your interests (what do you care about) and now increasingly your location (where you are);

–  Facebook Places will be successful but there’s room also for the other services. For Yahoo! the opporunity is about providing meaning around users’ location;

– next phase in competition with other players like Google will lead the company to invest in personalizing the user’s media consumption experience.

This and more you will find in the following seven minute podcast